Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moola Booster Blitz


Get ready for another Booster Blitz! The much anticipated return of Moola’s popular, instant win-while-you-play is back for one night only!

This upcoming Wednesday, April 18th from 6:00pm to midnight (EDT), MoolaTM will be holding its fourth official Booster Blitz. This event is being sponsored by
e-PokerUSA.com. Play U.S. legal skill-based Duplicate Texas Hold’em Poker today with e-PokerUSA.com!

Just like our last Booster Blitz, we will be giving away hundreds of bonuses in amounts of $2, $5, $9 randomly. All players are eligible to receive these Booster Bonuses just for playing during the Blitz, regardless of whether you are on your first starting penny or if you already have a significant account balance. The more games you play during the Blitz, the greater your chances of receiving one of these boosters.

Plus, during the Booster Blitz, e-PokerUSA will be giving away a $75 booster to the first 1000 players* who sign up for a new e-PokerUSA account through Moola.com and deposit and spend at least $20 in tournament fees within the next 30 days. If you’re not hooked after that, you can quit and still keep your Moola booster. Plus, you also get to keep what you win at e-PokerUSA. Don’t forget, you’ll receive $3.00 each time someone you’ve referred completes this offer (and a portion from whomever they’ve referred as well).

"What’s the catch?" Well, as mentioned above: You have to sign-up through Moola.com during the Booster Blitz and deposit and spend at least $20 in tournament fees at e-PokerUSA within 30 days. Remember: this offer is for people who are genuinely interested in playing poker online at e-PokerUSA.

How is this possible you ask? Simply, e-PokerUSA is growing very quickly and looking to attract players like you, who like playing skill games online for money. They know that Moola’s members would probably love to play their new skill-based poker game and anticipate that in the long run, they’ll make more than $75 dollars as a result of you becoming a happy, long-term player.

Thanks for playing and we wish you continued good luck in the tournament!
Moola Support Team

* This e-PokerUSA offer is not available to residents of Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Connecticut, Florida, Montana and Illinois. In order to receive your Moola booster, you must sign up for an e-PokerUSA account and deposit and spend $20 or more in tournament fees within 30 days. Existing e-PokerUSA members are not eligible for this offer. Limit one booster per person.

Monday, April 9, 2007

How to navigate Moola.com

So you’re a newbie eh? Where to start? Hmmm.. the site has nice graphics and a big money thing, now what?

I recommend you look around. The site is pretty simple to figure out but some of it may be a little confusing. Let’s click around and see what we find, shall we?

Play Now Click here to play games.
After you click that, mouse over the big blue tower thingy and then click on 1 $0.02. It has a lot of little duckies next to it, or whatever they are, they represent people. This is Level 1, and where all new players start. After that you should play a game. It’s fun. If you lose you’ll get another penny so don’t worry.

Booster ZoneClick here for the Booster Wheel and also for shopping.
This is where you’ll find the Booster Wheel. Click on Search and Win in the left hand column to get to it. You should play the Booster Wheel everyday because it gives you free money. I just won $0.25 but you can win up to $9,000! You can win up to 4 times a day, but it only appears at random so just use this whenever you need to Search for something and you’ll be fine. You should also come here whenever you’re going to purchase something online. You will get a booster if you shop from one of the Moola sponsors.

My AccountClick here for your account information.
Choose a cute avatar here or modify your profile. You can also read your messages and see you Win/Lose stats, including how many games you’ve played and how many Invites you have available to send out. Referring friends is an easy way to boost your Moola because you get a boost when they cash out and when they win over a certain amount on the Booster Wheel. The more referrals you have the faster you climb the tower to the top. :-)

Referral ProgramClick here for your referral information.
Speaking of referrals, you can see your direct and indirect referrals here and also send out Invites and reminders. Always be nice, never harass anyone for not signing up under you, and remember that Moola.com has an anti-spam policy. If you aren’t sure about doing something read their terms of service agreement before doing it or ask their permission. All the Moola.com people I’ve met are very nice. Don’t be discouraged if people don’t sign up right away, just keep sending out Invites and you’ll slowly build your downline. Webmasters and people who do MLM are great people to refer because they will refer others and you will benefit from it.

ForumClick here for Moola.com’s forums.
Almost as much fun as the games. I love hanging out on these active forums. You can pick up tips and tricks here and make new friends. Don’t be afraid to post, everyone is nice. If you are shy, you can also lurk and that will be fun too because there are some funny threads. It’s very friendly and one of my favorite forums.

Well, that covers the basic navigation. There’s more to it than that but I didn’t want to confuse you. Explore, have fun, and remember to play the Booster Wheel at least once a day. An easy way to do things is to have a daily routine such as: check your messages, send 1 or 2 referrals, play games, then do Search and Win. If you go off and research something you’ll have your basic daily stuff done, then when you return later you can shop, play games, or whatever. :-)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Moola Invites Forum


Moola Invites Forum Tips

If you are currently a member of Moola.com you’ve probably tried to get some member sign ups on the Moola Invites section of the forum. So you sit there like a bear waiting for a salmon and then you see a new post! YaY! So you jump right in with both feet and send out an Invite, but when you come back to the thread someone else has also sent them an Invite. Hmm.. the only thing you can do now is hope the new member picks your Invite and signs up under you.

There are several strategies to use in the Invite Forum. One is to post the word Sent before sending out the Invite, with the hope that other people will see that you’re on the case, and not send additional Invites to that person. Another strategy is to send the Invite first, and post Sent afterwards. Your goal here is to be the first Invite to make it into the new person’s mailbox by saving time.

There is a third sneaky strategy that most people frown on, and that is to post fake email addresses. this forces other people to use up their Invites leaving you less competition. I do not recommend this strategy and frown upon it. It’s just sneaky and mean and it doesn’t work anyway because there are other people with Invites who will fill the gap for anyone you manage to eliminate this way. People who do this should be temporarily banned in my opinion.

None of these strategies work very well and often you will waste Invites. This will cause you sadness if it happens to be your last Invite, but don’t worry, there is a simple tip that will help you to conserve your Invites and might help increase your success rate.

Let’s look at this real world example.
Need an Invite! 0 Guest 9 06/04/2007 20:46:02 Guest

The title of the post is Need an Invite!
There are 0 replies.
The Author is Guest.
There have been 9 Views.
The thread was posted at 06/04/2007 20:46:02
The last reply was by Guest.

Now, seeing that there are 0 replies you might think you should jump in and send an Invite, but not so fast partner. The important stat here is the 9 Views. At this very moment 9 people are jumping all over themselves trying to be the first person to send an Invite. That’s a lot of competition. Your odds of being picked are 1:9 and you probably won’t be the first one in the new member’s mailbox.

If you have broadband internet you have the edge against dial up users, but still, if you are running low on Invites you might want to skip this one. A thread with 0,1,2, or 3 Views would be better. Assume that everyone who reads an Invite thread is at this very moment Copy & Pasting the new member’s email address and is running to send them an Invite. Do not assume they will post the word Sent before they actually send out an Invite.

So to sum up, the number of Views is just as important as the number of Replies.

If you see a thread with lots of Views and 0 Replies it might mean the new member forgot to post their email address. People often check back in these threads hoping to be in the right place at the right time. Others try their luck waiting for new threads to appear.

A fourth strategy is to be nice. Sometimes a new member will be flooded with Invites and will not automatically choose the Invite that arrived in their mailbox first. They will choose you because you have a cute user name, or because you were nice in your post reply. Offering tips and helpful suggestions might be why they picked you, and if not, that’s okay. It’s just nice to be nice to people. :-)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Moola Invites

Moola invitations
Moola.com Invites

Currently the only way to play the games on moola.com is by invitation only. This is because the site is still in Beta and they aren’t ready for millions of people to flood the site.

This is exactly why you want to join. Now is the perfect time to learn to play the games and to build up a nice bankroll. Once the doors open and the site is filled with newbies you will have the advantage. You will know the games better than they do and you will have more money.

Many new players won’t follow my Moola Management tips and will try to race to the top. Others will not have read my Hi Lo Strategy and will be easy pickings for experienced players. All that translates into moola in your pocket because you joined early and now have the advantage of experience.

Another reason to join early is for the referral system. You receive a boost from everyone who joins your down line whenever they win a booster themselves, or cash out. Since you will be in on the Beta you will be one of the first people there when they open the doors to the public. This will allow you to start sending out invitations right away before everyone else.

To get an invitation use the handy form in the right column of this site, or ask for one in the moola forums. Getting an invite from me is easier. Heh, and also allows me to get a referral. The best thing you can do with your referrals once you get them is not to invite your aunt Sally, but to invite Uncle Earl the webmaster. Webmasters will try to promote the site by placing banners and links on their websites once it opens to the public. This will get them lots of referrals, and build your down line at the same time.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hi Lo Strategy


Hi Lo Strategy

I call this strategy the Pop and Lock, and it’s very simple. If you haven’t read my article called Hi Lo Basics, please do so. You should also play a few games of Hi Lo to familiarize yourself with the game. In the game of Hi Lo you must decide if the next card is going to be higher or lower. Simple. Here’s how it works.

You start with a 2 of hearts, on the number line it looks like this: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A. As you can see there aren’t any cards lower than a 2 so you should click the Same or Higher button.

Let’s say the next card is a 5. on the number line it looks like this: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A. Here you can see that there are three cards lower than a 5, and ten cards that are the same or higher. Odds say your next card is likely to be higher.

So far the decisions are pretty simple, but what if you get an 8? Let’s look at the number line. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A. There are six cards lower than an 8, and seven cards that are the same or higher. The cards are almost split equally on both sides. Your next card could go either way. There is only a very small edge towards same or higher.

The same can be said for 9. Here’s it’s number line: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A. Seven cards lower and six cards that are the same or higher. 8’s and 9’s are what is known as scare cards. When you get one, it’s scary. In these situations you should use your Lock and Change button to lock the cards down at that point and exchange the scare card for a different random card. Since there are only two scare cards in the deck, odds are you will get a better card. Your new card should make your next decision easier.

That’s the Pop and Lock, or Eight Nine Lock. When you get an 8 or 9, pop it out of there and lock it down. Lock and Change on 8 and 9. Lock and Change on 8 and 9. It’s a very simple strategy and easy to learn, just repeat this to yourself: Lock and Change on 8 and 9.

Disclaimer: This article, like all other articles on this site, is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as a guarantee of any winnings. By following this strategy or any other on this site you may loose great sums of money. Gambling is risky and you do so at your own risk.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moola Management

Moola Management

You may have heard of money management, or bankroll management, but have you heard of Moola Management?

Take a penny double it, double it again, and do this 30 times and you will win $10,000,000! Sounds simple, but you’ll need to win 30 times in a row for that to happen. Unless you manage your moola correctly. Putting together a string of 30 wins in a row is very hard. Putting together a string of 2 or 3 wins in a row is easier.

To start with, you’ll want to take your free penny and play until you have 10 pennies. Now you’re ready to start your climb to the top. Having 10 pennies will allow you to play ten 1 penny games. It will also allow you to lose 10 games in a row without going bankrupt. Losing 10 straight games is called a patch of bad luck. It’s just as hard to lose ten straight games as it is to win ten straight games. This is called a cushion, and it is good to have one.

The next thing you want to do is take 1 penny and play a game with it. The choice of game is up to you. If you lose that’s okay. You still have 9 pennies left. If you win, play a game for 2 pennies. If you lose you’ll still have 9 pennies because you are playing with your winnings from last round. If you win again, you will now have 13 pennies. Bank the 3 pennies and start again and play with 1 penny.

In this way you will slowly start to climb the ladder. When you have 20 pennies you can move up a level and start playing for 2 pennies, because you now have a cushion that allows you to lose 10 games in a row at 2 pennies each.

Move up another level when you reach 40 pennies, etc...

This is a very conservative way to the top and you may want to change the tactics to suit your personality, say by going for 3 in a row before you bank instead of 2. Or by having a larger or smaller cushion before you move up a level. You may want to play risky at the low end and more conservative at the higher levels. That’s fine. It’s really up to you to find what works for you. Your personality and how good you are at the games will determine your strategy.

There are two very important things you should remember.
1. Always have a cushion.
2. It’s harder to win 30 straight games than it is to win 2 or 3 in a row.

At times you may feel like you’re moving up too slowly. Don’t worry, when you switch from playing for pennies to playing for dollars things will get more exciting. On your good days you will be very happy, and on your bad days you will be glad you have a cushion. After all, tomorrow is another day. :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ro-sham-bo-fu Basics



Ro-sham-bo-fu is the classic rock, paper, scissors, game with a new twist.
When the game starts each player has one of three choices, rock, paper, or scissors, but to complicate things you also get advice from your sensei. If you follow sensei’s advice you will get a bonus, even if you lose. If you disregard sensei’s advice you will either win, or lose, but not get the bonus.

Now you may wonder why you would ever disregard sensei’s advice, here is why, and where strategy comes into play.

The winner of the game is decided by who has the most stripes on their belt at the end of the game. During each round there is a prize, and a bonus.

Let’s suppose the prize is 3 belt stripes. Now suppose sensei says you will get a Bonus of 2 belt stripes if you do not use Paper. That gives you a choice of either Rock, or Scissors, if you follow sensei’s advice. You might think you should pick Rock, since Rock beats Scissors, but what if your opponent disregards sensei’s advice and picks paper? He will win the main prize of 3 stripes and you will only win the 2 Bonus stripes.

If you both follow sensei’s advice the winner will win 5 stripes, and the loser will only get the 2 bonus stripes.

If you both disregard sensei’s advice the winner will win the prize and the loser will get nothing.

There’s more to it, but it’s complicated to explain all the possible outcomes. As you can see, it is a game of strategy. Easy to learn, but difficult to master. There is also a timer which keeps the game moving and some funny graphics.

Graphics: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Ease of Gameplay: 5/5